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Developing Phrases And Free-Style Scripts That Help You Communicate with Power, Tact And Skill

Date / Time: Recorded
Format: Webinar

If you're looking for the words (not just communication theory), this is the live webinar for you!

In this webinar you will learn how to get out of the reaction mode and into the response mode by using tactical communication skills. You will learn power phrases to help you respond in a variety of situations, danger phrases to purge from your verbal repertoire, and free-style scripts to help you deliver even difficult messages clearly, politely, and powerfully.

You and your team will learn precisely what to say - and what not to say - in a variety of workplace situations that otherwise turn out to be professional stumbling blocks for the unskilled, untrained communicator.

You will walk away with an arsenal of tools that you can use starting immediately after the webinar, and will be enjoying more communication success starting day one.


  • Immediate Results
    • Use Power Phrases to Help You Communicate More Clearly and Precisely
    • Eliminate Danger Phrases That Are Sabotaging Your Communication Success
    • Deliver Even the Most Difficult Messages in a Professional, Tactful Manner
  • Powerful Language Patterns
    • Learn How to Use Navigational Phrases to Effectively Steer Conversations
    • When and How to Use Magic Phrases That Help You Respond to a Variety of Challenging Communication Situations
    • Learn How to Properly Construct and Deliver Lead-in Lines and Closing Lines That Further Empower Your Message
  • Useful in a Variety of Situations
    • Public Speaking Verbal Strategies That Will Diminish Anxiety and Empower Your Message
    • Information Gathering Techniques That Help Managers and Leaders Get the Information They Need More Quickly and Effortlessly
    • Language Patterns That Help Your Team Respond To - and Eliminate - Negativity and Toxic Communication at Work
  • The Results: More Power and Confidence
    • Quickly Deal With Difficult Situations Rather Than Avoiding Them
    • Keep One Another in Check and on a Positive, Constructive Communication Path
    • Step up and Communicate in a More Assertive, Powerful, Professional Manner

Daniel O'Connor
  • Owner of Power Diversity, LLC,, and, specializing in communication, customer service, and dealing with difficult people communication skills training
  • Focuses in delivering scripts, tactics, power phrases, and tools that attendees can immediately use to become more powerful, positive, effective communicators
  • Writer of many popular communication books and resources, including his latest top-sellers, Say This - NOT THAT!!, and Energy Vampire Slaying:101
  • More than 15 years experience speaking, consulting, training, and lecturing, specializing in communication, customer service, and dealing with difficult people at work
  • Recently featured in Woman's World Magazine as one of America's leading communication experts
  • Host of #1 rated podcast, "Professional Communication Tactics"
  • Hundreds of satisfied companies have worked with him to improve customer service and improve communication at work, including the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Forest Service, Apple Computers, MD Anderson, Johns Hopkins University and more

Cannot Attend The Live Presentation?

This presentation is also available in a recorded format, in CD version, as shown in the pricing options below.

About Webcasts / Audio Conferences / Podcasts:

Webcasts, audio conferences, and podcasts are presentations that you attend via the Internet, phone, or mobile device at a specified date and time for "live" versions, or at your convenience for "recorded" and "On-Demand" versions.

The live versions are interactive, meaning that participants can ask questions in real time, plus are a very cost-effective form of training because 1) you receive fast, convenient learning without any out-of-office time; 2) you can invite as many colleagues as you'd like to listen in on a single phone line; 3) you incur no travel expenses; and 4) you and your colleagues are back at work immediately after the session ends!

And though with recorded versions you do lose the ability to ask questions, you gain the ability to hear the presentation numerous times and to share it with others in your office.

Handout materials and the phone number for live presentations are made available to you prior to the event via email from the presenter and from the "MyAccount" link on the menu bar. Copies of the presentations are included with recorded versions.

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