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Service Sells

Format: In-Person Seminar
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Fix The Customer as Well as The Equipment!

Selling Service Contracts will increase the ability of attendees to meet their clients’ expectations and sell service contracts.

In our workshop, each service person/technician learns to recognize customer buying styles and how to utilize the method. Each service person then makes an appointment telephone call and two recorded on-site service calls. The calls, designed by Sales Concepts and the attendees’ service managers exemplify real situations.

During the first call, the attendees must calm an irate customer or handle a difficult situation. On the second call, they evaluate customer needs, sell a service contract, and close. Feedback given to the attendee after each call provides ideas for improving his or her service contacts with clients.

We Will Cover:

  • Customer Buying Styles
    Understand and meet your customer’s expectations.
  • Reducing Risks
    Understand how decisions are made from a customer’s perspective and how the customer perceives risks.
  • Reducing Conflicts
    Understand and negotiate solutions that meet the customer’s needs based on what your company can profitably provide.
  • Working With Irate Customers
    Proven methods are examined that help you work with upset customers.
  • Asking Questions
    Identify and understand customer needs.
  • Listening
    Improve your listening skills. We all need help in this area.
  • Features, Advantages and Benefits
    Assess them from the customer’s perspective.
  • Closing
    Selling contracts.
Course Agenda

This one day seminar is presented as follows:
    First Day
    8:00 Introduction
    9:00 Servicing Customers – The Right Way
    10:00 Break
    10:15 Customer Buying Styles
    11:15 Recognize and Apply Styles in Person
    12:00 Lunch
    1:00 Recognize Styles via Telephone
    1:45 Working With Irate Customers
    2:45 How to Reduce Conflict
    3:45 How to Understand and Reduce Customer Risks
    4:45 Q & A
    5:30 Aspirations
    6:15 Day One Concludes

    Second Day
    8:00 Review of First Day
    8:30 Appointment Phone Call (recorded)
    9:00 Service the Customer – First Tailored On-Site Call (recorded)
    11:15 Feedback – Servicing the Customer
    12:00 Lunch
    1:00 Features, Advantages, Benefits
    1:45 Listening
    2:15 Closing – How to Sell Contracts
    2:45 Service the Customer by Offering Solutions– Second Tailored On-Site Call (recorded)
    4:45 Feedback – Servicing the Customer by Offering Solutions
    5:45 Presentation of The Best Service Call Award
    6:15 Program Concludes

About The Provider: Sales Concepts provides sales training seminars and programs, public sales training, customized sales training, trade show sales training, phone sales training and individual training.

In addition to sales training, we also provide customer service training, leadership and management training, telemarketing sales training, field service representative training, presentation training and negotiation training.

We educate people about the sales process, listening, asking questions, negotiating value, financial justification, return on investment, selling benefits, selling value, handling objections, closing, behavior styles, telephone sales, first impressions, negotiating tactics, concessions, power, intimidation, assumptions, creativity, presentations, hiring, coaching, and more.

Sales Concepts, Inc. celebrates over 27 years in business by continuing to offer cost-effective innovative training programs.

Your program is delivered by our best resource, sales and service training professionals who have experience in sales, service, leadership and management.
Price: $1,680.00
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