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Course/Product Description

Effective Sales Calls - Interviewing and Presenting

Format: Self-Study Course

Successful sales calls are all about gathering critical information and then using it in your presentation to close deals. This process is called
interviewing and presenting.

Sales calls are now with more demanding people that want what they want. They use the internet to get info on what they want. They don't want to hear what you think they should want to hear. They want what they want. You have to get into their heads and then show them how they can get what they want with you.

You may feel you're saying and doing all the right things on your sales calls, but prospects and customers may perceive you in a very different way than you intend.

You Will Learn

  • How to prepare for sales calls and chance meetings - You'll be able to engage people immediately and make them anxious to learn about what you can offer them. You'll do it anywhere, and/or anytime
  • What to say to anyone and how to say it so they feel it's all about them - People will no longer put up their defenses with you or give you the standard "just looking", or "not interested" or the ultimate "no" put-offs ..
  • Expose and entice people to ideas you feel they should want - You'll be able to present alternatives, options and make suggestions so the person feels your expertise rather than you just want to sell him or her
  • Saves selling time and shortens sales cycles - You'll know how to test prospects for sincere interest to move forward vs. losing the sale slowly, or looky-lous, or data collectors
  • Presentations to differentiate you as the best among competitors - You'll be able to describe your offering as unique and meaningful to the person you're talking with - so that no competitor can come behind you and say, "We do that also." - no matter what you sell, how common you feel it is, or how many others sell it

The first of this 2 CD Seminar is all about interviewing where you'll learn

  • How to prepare
  • Questions to ask
  • Effective listening techniques
  • The process of Expose and Entice
  • The test for moving forward or out

The second CD session will focus on presenting - differentiating, eliminating competition and closing. You will learn:

  • Solidifying your position
  • Positioning your offering to match their desires
  • Showing uniqueness and differentiation -no matter what you sell
  • Handling issues and objections
  • Closing sequences

What Are Others Saying?

"After using Sam's interviewing process, a prospect who could only give me 15 minutes kept talking for 90 minutes. I got so much proprietary information that I didn't know what to do with all of it. Not only did he relate to me, but when we met again at a bid meeting, he came up and shared critical information that gave me a significant competitive advantage."

~Jeff Hansen, VP Tyco, Engineering Division

About The Provider: Sam Manfer Sales Mastery is headed up by Sam Manfer, who has been speaking, consulting, writing and leading seminars in sales and personal development since 1995.

Sam is an expert sales person and he uses his personal experiences along with humor and stories to show sales people how to implement his sales strategies and tactics.

He develops and delivers his own materials and is also a consultant, seminar leader, and sales rep for Miller Heiman, Wilson Learning and other sales/leadership-training companies.
Price: $97.00
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Effective listening techniques, Positioning your offering to match their desires, Handling issues and objections, Closing sequences

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