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C-Level Relationship Selling Course

Format: Self-Study Course

C-Level Relationship Selling Course

Blow through any selling obstacles in minutes with the C-Level Relationship Selling Course!

Eliminate agonizing sales stalls, aggravating price concessions, aggressive competitors, and more!

The C-Level Relationship Selling Manual provides the steps to handle these stumbling blocks so that you can break through all the layers of resistance to deliver your winning message and build lasting relationships with the top decision makers.

Simply Look Up Your Problem and Build Your Solution

C-Level Relationship Selling Manual offers a list of the most frequent 50 Tough Situations and Difficult Problems facing sales people.

Each of these 50 situations have tactics and strategies you can use to successfully overcome these issues.

The manual takes it further by developing a process for individuals and/or sales teams to customize suggestions into action plans that (1) fit their personal style and (2) fit their product and industry for any selling situation.

Course Contents:

You'll Develop Solutions To General Selling Problems

  • 9 solid steps to jump-start stalled sales, and get your phone calls returned
  • 10 smooth transitions to move from cold prospecting to relationship selling
  • 11 strong approaches to turn entertainment dollars into sales dollars
  • 7 uncomplicated ways to handle bids, RFP's, and purchasing agents

You'll Remove The Obstacles For Getting To The Ultimate Decision Makers

  • 12 straight forward tips to identify the influential decision makers
  • 13 intriguing methods to get escorted to executives' offices
  • 14 terrific means to network comfortably
  • 12 powerful tactics to handle gatekeepers
  • 18 soothing ideas to overcome executive intimidation
  • 12 lively schemes to free time from busy executives
  • 12 dependable approaches for working through and beyond committees
  • 13 uplifting ego boosters to beat the Level to Level syndrome
  • 14 ripping strategies to unseat embedded competitors

You'll Prepare &Be Pumped For Executive Meetings

  • 11 go to methods for establishing credibility quickly
  • 13 inspiring thoughts for building confidence
  • 14 stirring insights to make you believe you belong with executives

You'll Engage Powerful Leaders In Meaningful Dialogue

  • 11 sure fired ways to get executives talking
  • 16 simple mannerisms to get people to reveal their hot buttons
  • 12 powerful closers to get commitment
  • 12 easy preparations to match your chemistry to the executive's

You'll Establish The Means For Establishing Professional Relationships

  • 8 winning presentation skills and differentiating methods
  • 10 proactive ways to becoming the preferred vendor

You'll Build A Plan To Maintain And Leverage Executive Relationships

  • 8 creative ideas to keep relationships strong
  • 12 easy constructs to keep competition out
  • 10 rewarding actions to capture 100% of your clients business

C-Level Relationship Selling Manual Includes:

  • Index

    Just find the issue facing you in the Index on the front cover and review the 3-4 pages dedicated to 1 of the 50 aggravating situations or annoying problems.

  • Summary

    Every section has a "Summary" sub-section which is a short narrative that provides a conceptual understanding; then the "Common Situation" explains how this particular issue usually comes about; then the "Resulting Problem" predicts what typically happens if it's left unresolved - why one gets stuck.

  • Self-Test

    2-4 "Self-Test" questions help you gauge your behaviors against top performers. You may not agree with the feedback, but its intent is to have you at least consider some actions for your existing problem and to consider behaviors you might alter for future pursuits.

  • Prepare Yourself

    The "Prepare Yourself" subsection has 4-10 bullet points of suggestions, questions, thought-provokers, drills and exercises to:

    • Get you to search your mind for answers and ideas
    • Remember the past - successes, tactics, etc., what worked and what didn't
    • Stimulate and challenge your mind to create all types of possible actions
    • Pick the best from these options
    • Structure them to your style and comfort zone
    • Condition you, shape-you-up, train you, etc. so you can enact them skillfully and confidently
  • Take'n It to the Streets

    "Takin' It to the Streets" has 3-4 testers or teasers to make sure you're ready. It also offers more suggestions if you're still stuck. Finally there are application stories and examples to help further.

Fortunately This Convenient, Easy To Use Tool Will Give You The Ideas And Actions To:

  • Keep Sales Moving In Real-Time
  • Build Your Strategy Before Agreeing To Submit A Proposal
  • Solve Existing Selling Issues Or To Handle An Anticipated Issue
  • Create Your User Specific Best Options Of What To Do And How To Do Them.
  • Develop A Custom Plan To Blow Through The Obstacles Confronting You.
  • Enhance Your Skills Level And All This Preparation Will Pump-Up Your Confidence
  • And More!

You Will Receive:

  • 2 cd's recorded at a live training seminar with Sam Manfer
  • Take Me To Your Leader$ Book
  • C-Level Selling Reference Manual
  • Meeting Worksheets for 3 Stages of Sales Calls - (1) Getting-to C-Levels, (2) Interviewing, &(3) Developing Relationships
  • One Hour Consulting Session with Sam Manfer

Guaranteed or Your Money Back

This book will work if you:

  • Read the 3-4 page section to generate understanding and ideas
  • Do the 5-20 minutes of work
  • You have to write down your game plans. It is a process and will not be as effective if you try to do it in your head

Now if you do 1-3 above and it doesn't help you move forward with stuck selling situations, or it doesn't help you realize you should get out of that sale immediately, then I will return your money.

About The Provider: Sam Manfer Sales Mastery is headed up by Sam Manfer, who has been speaking, consulting, writing and leading seminars in sales and personal development since 1995.

Sam is an expert sales person and he uses his personal experiences along with humor and stories to show sales people how to implement his sales strategies and tactics.

He develops and delivers his own materials and is also a consultant, seminar leader, and sales rep for Miller Heiman, Wilson Learning and other sales/leadership-training companies.
Price: $199.99
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