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Course/Product Description

Writing Effective Sales Letters

Format: Online Training Course

The Writing Effective Sales Letters course teaches sales professionals how to write letters that move a potential customer to action by understanding the customer's needs and desires.

Good sales copy is not a matter of simply communicating a message to the potential customer. It moves the person to feel the motivation, excitement, and conviction of the writer and to want the product or service the sales person is promoting.

Central to writing effective sales letters is having the sales mentality, which links the sales letter writer to the potential customer so intimately that both move to the same rhythm.

This course Uses Three Books:

  • A sales-letter book that is has a practical approach to understanding the reader and purpose
  • A book that focuses on writing letters in general to customers when sales are always an issue
  • A direct-sales book that teaches the skills of writing direct mail that has impact

Included Content:

  • Lesson 1: The importance of pre-writing
  • Lesson 2: Opening with a Gambit that Builds Trust
  • Lesson 3: Getting Your Sales Letter Delivered, Looked At, and Read
  • Lesson 4: Handling Pricing Issues So They Don't Short Circuit the Sale
  • Lesson 5: Copywriting and Writing a Powerful First Draft
  • Lesson 6: Rewriting to Laser Guide Your Message
  • Lesson 7: Using Strategies: Answering Questions and Objectives, Sparking Immediate Action, Following the Effective Letter Checklists, Using Graphic Enhancements
  • Lesson 8: Using Strategies: Skipping Apologies, The "Yes" Plan, The No Plan, Thank You, Used and Abused
  • Lesson 9: Rewriting: Rewriting for Passion and Clarity, Getting a Pretest, Bringing Your Letter to Life, Changing Graphic Enhancements
  • Lesson 10: Writing to Persuade
  • Lesson 11: Writing a Motivating Sales Plan
  • Lesson 12: Opening and Closing to Give the Message Impact
  • Lesson 13: Editing, Polishing, and Sending

Similar to how college classes work, you do your assigned work on your own, then submit it to your instructor, who grades, comments upon, and returns the assignment to you. The instructor will coach you in this way until you master the skills. FYI, your instructor is also available via email or phone throughout the "semester".

How To Access Your Course:

This course will take approximately 32 hours of study to complete. You may work through lessons at your own pace, as long as you finish them within four months from registration. Instructions for accessing your course materials, plus your Instructor's contact information, will be emailed to you within two business days of registration.

Important Note About Tuition

The tuition for the course itself is $295. The 3 books are $8.95, $17.95, and $8.98 respectively. For convenience, we've included all these costs in the total cost of this course.

About The Provider: The Business Writing Center offers 41 courses in business writing, from basic grammar to writing audit reports and software documentation.

We train business writers by coaching them through writing and revising documents to make them clear, concise, and professional.

The Center also trains and certifies corporate trainers, college faculty, and anyone interested in teaching explicit business writing skills.
Price: $330.88
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